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California’s Humboldt State University launches marijuana institute

California’s Humboldt State University announced recently it would form a new institute that combines experts from the fields of economics, psychology, sociology, politics, geography, social work and public policy to help better inform the nation’s ongoing debate on marijuana reform. The school, which is accredited and funded by taxpayer dollars, said it would begin

Teen who asked judge for a joint says he’ll ‘cut back’ on pot

An Ohio teen who sparked headlines from coast to coast when he asked a judge if he could have one last joint before going to jail was convicted Monday of marijuana possession, but acquitted on an additional charge of distribution. During Monday’s courtroom hearing, Damaine Mitchell, 19, told Ohio Judge Melba Marsh that he

Montana activists file marijuana legalization initiative for 2014

Activists in Montana filed a ballot initiative over the weekend that would legalize marijuana in the state if it is approved at the polls in 2014. Ballot Issue #1, as the Secretary of State’s office labeled it, would strike all criminal penalties for marijuana cultivation, distribution and use, making such activities “subject to reasonable

Oregon’s 7-year-old medical marijuana patient stirs controversy

Mykayla Comstock, a seven-year-old girl who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, has a medical marijuana license in Oregon and consumes strong capsules of the drug twice daily, reported The Oregonian. She is one of 2,201 cancer patients and one of 52 children allowed to use medical marijuana in the state. Her

World’s biggest independent drug use survey launches

Global Drug Survey collects detailed information about what drugs people use, why and how often The world’s biggest independent survey of drug use, collecting detailed data on the drug experiences of tens of thousands of people, launches on Thursday. The Guardian, along with a range of media partners across the globe, is supporting the

Iowa Dem pitches marijuana reform bills

Iowa State Rep. Bruce Hunter (D) told The Des Moines Register this week that he’s planning to introduce two bills in the upcoming legislative session that would decriminalize marijuana possession and legalize the drug for medical purposes. “We’ve got a prison population that is made up of a lot of people that haven’t really

Wisconsin asks hunters to watch for marijuana fields

Marijuana growing operations in Wisconsin, watch out: the U.S. Forest Service has instructed hunters to look out for fields in the state’s Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, reported CNN. In August, one fisherman in the state came upon a 8,000-plant growing operation worth $8 million. “Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is large, secluded and heavily roaded, so our

MarketWatch story sends marijuana-dispenser stock sky high

The manufacturer of a marijuana-dispensing machine saw their stock price shoot up by 3,000 percent this week thanks in part to a mention in MarketWatch. In his article, “How to invest in legalized marijuana,” Quentin Fottrell noted on Tuesday that the medical-marijuana industry was already worth about $1.7 billion and was growing fast thanks

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