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Synthetic drug use rising in Europe

Europe is being bombarded with an array of new, synthetic drugs of which the ingredients and effects on users are unknown, the continent’s drug agency warned in a report on Thursday. While cocaine and cannabis remain the most popular illicit drugs, new synthetic substances are being detected at a rate of about one a

Ron Paul and Barney Frank tell Obama: Respect state marijuana laws

Reps. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) on Thursday called for the Obama administration to respect state marijuana laws, as California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) did on Sunday. Voters in Colorado and Washington state both approved referenda legalizing the limited recreational use of marijuana. However, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies marijuana

Brooklyn pot dealer donates proceeds to hurricane survivors

A man in Brooklyn says that he raised $700 for victims of Hurricane Sandy in two days by selling pot. The marijuana dealer told The Huffington Post that he came to the conclusion that storm victims without power in Rockaways, New York needed money more than they needed weed. “Look, there are probably some

Colorado marijuana push used old-fashioned politics to win

While it may be difficult for some to imagine a well-organized push to legalize marijuana, the Colorado movement to convince citizens of the state’s recently-passed ballot measure’s merits was much like any other politician campaign: comprised of canvassing, targeted outreach, phone banks, and advertisements, reported the Denver Post. Early reports that women were less

Former Obama drug policy adviser predicts weed war if states legalize

The Obama administration will not just sit by and watch as up to three states attempt to implement laws legalizing marijuana, one of the president’s former senior drug policy advisers predicted Sunday. Officially, the Obama administration hasn’t said how it will react if three states legalize marijuana this week, but Dr. Kevin A. Sabet, who

Marijuana industry in Israel grows with government support

The medical marijuana industry in Israel is growing rapidly — with no organized government or religious opposition to be found, reported Fox News. Today, there are more than 10,000 Israelis who have the government’s go-ahead to use medical marijuana, a major jump from just a few hundred in 2005. Next year, marijuana may be

Amsterdam’s mayor: cannabis cafes will remain open for tourists

Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops will remain open for business with foreign thrill-seekers despite the new government’s plan to restrict sales to locals only, the mayor said Thursday. In an interview with the leftist Volkskrant, Eberhard van der Laan said the city’s 220 coffee shops will continue to sell pot to customers even if they

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