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Colorado pot dispensaries fight the feds

“This is called Jack Frost, but it’s a triple A: alert, awake, and aware,” the “budtender” Carrie tells Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes. “If you needed to medicate in the a.m. before going to work, no one would ever be able to detect that you took any medicine, just as you would any other

Feds will continue to jail pot dealers ‘in all states’

The White House has pledged to continue to jail those who traffick in marijuana or sell it to minors — even in two US states where its recreational use is now legal. At a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General James Cole defended the federal decision not to challenge new laws

British Somalis dread ban of ‘herbal high’ khat

When Britain bans the herbal stimulant khat, Mohamod Ahmed Mohamed will lose his livelihood. But he fears most for his small Somali community without the leaf that fuels its social life. “I can switch to another business but what about the youth, where are they going to go — the street, the mosque, to

Mexico City mulls legal marijuana ‘clubs’

The Mexico City council is considering the legalization of cannabis plants and the creation of private marijuana smoking “clubs” as it mulls controversial legislation to liberalize consumption, lawmakers said. The capital hosted a three-day forum on drug policy amid a growing debate in Latin America over the course of the region’s deadly struggle against

Kentucky agriculture commissioner: State to grow hemp and we’ll see what Justice Department does

Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer said Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement last week of changes in the Justice Department’s marijuana policy could mean that the state can move ahead with industrial hemp farming. Louisville’s WDRB reported that Comer intends to forge ahead with industrial hemp in hopes that federal policy will continue to

Holder promises to ease marijuana law enforcement in states where pot is legal

The United States Department of Justice announced Thursday that for the time being it will cease pursuing actions against Colorado and Washington over discrepancies in state and federal marijuana policies. The department also issued a memo to U.S. Attorneys with new guidelines for the pursuit of marijuana cases. According to CBS News, Attorney General

Chris Christie agrees to legalize medical marijuana for chronically ill children

Christie conditionally vetoes kids medical marijuana bill (via NJ.com) TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie has agreed to give chronically ill children easier access to medical marijuana. However, the governor conditionally vetoed a bill on the issue because it goes further than he was willing to go. “As I have repeatedly noted… [Photo courtesy of

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