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Former ‘Hollywood Madam’ Heidi Fleiss accused of growing marijuana

By Dan Whitcomb (Reuters) – Heidi Fleiss, nicknamed the “Hollywood Madam” in the 1990s after she was accused of running a high-priced Southern California call-girl ring, may face charges after 392 pot plants were found at her Nevada desert home, a county sheriff said on Tuesday. Deputies who went to Fleiss’ home in Pahrump,

Colorado Springs bans recreational marijuana shops

By Keith Coffman DENVER (Reuters) – Officials in Colorado’s second-largest city voted on Tuesday to ban recreational marijuana shops, becoming the largest community in the state to utilize an opt-out provision of a law that legalized the non-medical use of pot. After two hours of public comments, the Colorado Springs City Council voted 5-4

California Democratic Party tells Obama to halt medical marijuana raids

The California Democratic Party approved a resolution over the weekend that called on President Barack Obama to halt federal raids on marijuana dispensaries. The resolution, sponsored by the Brownie Marie Democratic Club of Riverside County, noted that 18 states and the District of Columbia had legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, while

Police nab cat high on cocaine during drug bust

Police in Italy say that believe they caught a cat high on cocaine while raiding the home of a suspected drug dealer. The Italian publication Il Mattino reported that police found that cat during the raid of an apartment in the northeastern town of Villorba. According to a translation by The Local, police said

Patients’ advocates ask Supreme Court to decide medical value of marijuana

The U.S. Supreme Court has the opportunity to lift federal restrictions on marijuana. A group that advocates on behalf of medical marijuana patients has asked the nation’s highest court to decide whether marijuana is a dangerous drug with no medical value. Americans for Safe Access on Monday appealed a District of Columbia Circuit Court

Washington, D.C. officials eye marijuana decriminalization

A bill being introduced to the Washington, D.C. city council this week aims to eliminate all criminal penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses, in hopes of altering the course of a city with the highest marijuana arrest rate in the nation. The bill will be introduced Wednesday by Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells (D),

Aussie expert: Legalize marijuana to protect teens from binge drinking

The director of Australia’s alcohol policy research body said Tuesday that he believes marijuana should be legalized and tightly controlled by the government in order to reduce binge drinking, which he said has a much stronger association with violence than any other drug of abuse, particularly among teens. Robin Room told The Herald Sun

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