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Pro-Obamacare minister arrested for holding ‘Enough!’ banner outside S.C. State House

Eleven activists, including a retired Methodist minister, were arrested on Tuesday for blocking the entrance to the South Carolina State House with a banner that said “Enough!” to protest lawmakers who are obstructing the implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law. The demonstrators have organized a series of “Truthful Tuesday” protests modeled

Gay heart attack patient says Catholic priest refused him last rites

WASHINGTON — A gay man who suffered a heart attack and was treated at Washington, D.C.’s Hospital Center said that a priest refused to give him last rites after he said he was gay, a new Washington Blade report reveals. The man, Ronald Plishka, 63, suffered a heart attack Feb. 6 and didn’t think he’d survive, so

Anonymous has a new video, and Anonymous is not thrilled

Here’s the thing about Anonymous. Because it insists it is a nebulous, leaderless collective and doesn’t have “members,” when it does something, it can be hard to tell if it’s something that most or even many of its regular participants approve of or even know about. Today was a good example of that. A

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