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Fast-food workers protest for a living wage in New York City

Workers from a number of fast food chains around New York City held walkouts and demonstrations calling for a living wage Thursday morning. According to The Atlantic, the protests, part of the Fast Food Forward campaign, were organized by groups like New York Communities for Change (NYCC), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and community

Gay Christian Network founder: Ex-gay therapy is spiritual abuse

Justin Lee, founder of the Gay Christian Network, said Tuesday he was convinced that so-called ex-gay or reparative therapy didn’t work and was often harmful. Lee was ostracized from his church when he admitted he was gay. After his attempts to transform himself into a heterosexual man failed, he later created the Gay Christian

Morgan Freeman narrates new LGBT equality advertisement

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman narrates a new video advertisement that declares LGBT individuals in the United States are “at the dawn of a new day.” “Freedom, justice and human dignity have always guided our journey toward a more perfect union,” Freeman says in the 30-second ad, which was released on Sunday. “Now, across our

Anti-consumerist ‘Reverend’: Black Friday boosts global warming

In an interview with MSNBC host Alex Witt, Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of Stop Shopping linked the journey of millions to storefronts on Black Friday to the global warming that ultimately fueled Superstorm Sandy. “We have a 1,000-mile hurricane, Sandy, that — you know, you’ve been talking about little else for three

Afghan midwives fight for progress but fear the worst

In spite of the 12 years the U.S. has spent nation-building in Afghanistan and the billions of dollars that have been poured into the country, it remains one of the most dangerous places for women to give birth in the world. A rising midwifery movement is making strides toward lessening the danger. In the

Updated: Watch Black Friday strikes at various Walmart stores

This post will be updated periodically with new information, live videos and recorded videos throughout the day. The video below features a worker protest in Lakewood, Colorado, published by The Associated Press on Friday, November 23, 2012. The video below features a worker protest in Dearborn, Michigan, published by The Detroit News on Friday,

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