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Glenn Greenwald: The New York Times ‘helped to kill journalism as a potent force for checking power’

Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald appeared Monday on Democracy Now to discuss his latest project, a new media startup funded by billionaire philanthropist Pierre Omidyar. Greenwald said the new media outfit would practice “adversarial journalism” and seek to challenge the powerful. He contrasted his view of journalism with the journalism of the New York Times,

Sea lions who washed ashore in Malibu died of gunshot wounds

Wildlife rescuers say that at least three sea lions who washed ashore in Malibu, CA died of gunshots wounds. Jonsie Ross with the California Wildlife Center told CBS News that this happens because squid fisherman shine light on the surface of the water, which also attracts sea lions. A Malibu resident reported on Wednesday

WATCH: Police arrest 8 members of Congress at D.C. immigration reform rally

Eight members of Congress were among the more than 150 people arrested Tuesday during an immigration rally at the U.S. Capitol, according to the Associated Press and the group Center for Community Change. Thousands of protesters gathered at the National Mall to urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

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