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Lawmakers look to dissolve corrupt Florida town with one cop for every 25 residents

Lawmakers have threatened a Florida town with dissolution if it doesn’t clean up dozens of problems revealed in an “outrageous,” “crazy,” and “weird” state audit. Investigators found 31 violations of state law, federal tax regulations, and the city charter during the audit of Hampton, an 89-year-old town about 30 miles southwest of Jacksonville. Auditors

Caves discovered in Patagonia may unlock secrets of how continents formed

Chilean and French scientists have discovered a network of underground caves on a remote island in Patagonia that could provide valuable clues as to how continents were formed. The group found the system of around 20 limestone caves this week during a research trip to Diego de Almagro island off the far southwest coast

Michele Bachmann: Tea Party is an ‘intellectual movement’ at its core

In her remarks to the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) told the assembled crowd that the Tea Party and conservative movements will triumph over progressivism because of the right’s unstoppable intellectual firepower. “You see our movement at its core is an intellectual movement,” she said from the CPAC podium. “We

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