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White House dodges question on Sanjay Gupta’s marijuana reversal

The White House refused to comment Tuesday on Sanjay Gupta’s vocal support of medical marijuana, continuing a pattern of ignoring the issue. During a press briefing, CQ-Roll Call reporter Steve Dennis asked White House spokesman Josh Earnest if President Barack Obama had any reaction to Gupta’s recent advocacy in favor of medical marijuana. Dennis

Letter tells family to have ‘retarded’ autistic son ‘euthanized’

A Canadian woman was visiting her mother in Ontario on Friday when she received what she says was a hate-filled letter saying that her autistic son should be euthanized because he was “retarded” and a “nuisance.” Mother Karla Begley told Sun News that the letter said that the grandmother should “do the right thing

County to vote to secede from Colorado and become 51st state

Residents in one rural Colorado county will get an opportunity to decide in November if they want to break away and form the 51st state. In an unanimous vote on Monday, commissioners in Weld County voted to include the initiative on November’s ballot, according to KDVR. Voters will be asked: “Shall the Board of

British government claims Greenwald’s partner David Miranda had ‘highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism’

Home Office claims nine-hour detention of Guardian journalist’s partner was justified to protect public from threat of terrorism The government has embarked on an aggressive offensive to justify the detention of David Miranda by suggesting that the partner of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald possessed “highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism”. Amid

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