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Maher begs America: Take a hint from ‘Duck Dynasty,’ be more cynical

Friday night on the first “Real Time” of the new year, host Bill Maher offered some New Year’s Resolutions for the United States. It’s time, he said, for America to “stop hanging onto stupid stuff long after it’s relevant just because it’s tradition,” such as Daylight Savings Time, the war on drugs, the Electoral

Stephen Colbert: ‘Naughty’ Wall Street wants to be ‘spanked’ by ‘Invisible Hand’ of the market

In the latest segment of Stephen Colbert’s exclusive “Colbert Platinum Club” for wealthy viewers, the late-night host implored his wealthy viewers to purchase $50,000 diamond pacifiers. “Finally,” he said, “a product that combines two things I love: quiet babies and exploiting the Congo.” He then discussed the “froufrah brewing over income inequality.” “We rich,”

Cory Booker challenges Rand Paul to traditional Festivus ‘feats of strength’ on Senate floor

Republican Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul decided to celebrate “Festivus” today by participating in the traditional “airing of grievances.” The holiday originated in an episode of Seinfeld called “The Strike,” in which George Costanza’s father, Frank, describes how he became disillusioned with with the holiday season. “Many Christmases ago, I went

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