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Financial regulator warns consumers of Bitcoin hacking risks

A US financial regulator warned consumers Tuesday that using the online currency Bitcoin is fraught with risks including theft by hacking and fraud. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority issued the general warning amid a spate of scandals involving the digital currency, which has rocketed in popularity and been the focus of much speculation over

Philly.com ordered to provide identity of anonymous commenter sued for defamation

Philly Court Orders Website To Unmask Anonymous Commenter ‘Named’ In Defamation Suit (via Techdirt) Anonymous commenters are often held up as examples of the worst aspects of the internet. It’s an enabler of abhorrent behavior, as the lack of identification allows people to make statements without suffering consequences. Of course, this isn’t the…  

Al Gore’s World Wide Web celebrates twenty-fifth birthday

World Wide Web turns 25 years old (via AFP) Twenty-five years ago, the World Wide Web was just an idea in a technical paper from an obscure, young computer scientist at a European physics lab. That idea from Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN lab in Switzerland, outlining a way to easily access files…  

Bankrupt Bitcoin exchange attacked 150,000 times per second

MtGox faced 150,000 attacks per second: report (via AFP) Bitcoin exchange MtGox faced massive hacker offensives last month, coming under some 150,000 DDoS attacks per second for several days ahead of its spectacular failure, a report said Sunday. The Tokyo-based exchange, which filed for bankruptcy protection…  

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