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New Zealand high court: MegaUpload raid was illegal

WELLINGTON — New Zealand police acted illegally when armed officers raided Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s Auckland mansion earlier this year, a High Court judge ruled on Thursday. Judge Helen Winkelmann said the search warrants police used when they raided the Internet millionaire’s property as part of a US probe into allegations of massive online

Businesses push U.S. to ratify Law of the Sea treaty

American businesses are urging the United States to ratify the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, saying it is needed to boost crucial domestic energy production and end China’s near-monopoly on rare earths. Stepping up pressure on legislators to sign off on the 30-year-old pact, a broad alliance of manufacturers, miners, shippers and oil

Watchdog group cites ‘deplorable’ abuse at Apple’s China suppliers

A labour rights group said Thursday it had found “deplorable” conditions at Apple suppliers in China, following a probe of several firms that make the US technology giant’s hugely popular products. New York-based China Labor Watch said a four-month investigation of 10 suppliers to Apple in southern and eastern China uncovered violations of workers’

Google Internet glasses on the way

SAN FRANCISCO — Google glasses that overlay the Internet on daily lives should hit the market within two years. Google co-founder Sergey Brin gave the estimated timeline after a project update that included sky divers dropping in with a new version of “Glass” wearable computers. “I’m so glad that worked,” Brin quipped after sky

Reporter: How Mitt Romney followed me around the Internet

Last month, I was searching for a peppy Glee song on the music site Grooveshark, and up popped two ads for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. One invited me to “Learn More.” The other suggested that I “Donate.” Had Romney’s campaign decided that swing voters might frequent an Internet music site with copyright issues? Are

Obama administration eyes executive action to combat online piracy

The Obama administration is soliciting recommendations for internal policy changes, or possibly even an executive order, that would be aimed at combating online piracy in the U.S. and abroad, Raw Story has learned. After the failure of the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) earlier this year, congressional efforts to reform intellectual

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet to challenge iPad

Google on Wednesday unveiled its own branded Nexus 7 tablet computer designed to challenge Apple’s iPad and be a window into its online shop for films, books, movies and more. The seven-inch tablet powered by the latest generation of Android software was made for Google by Taiwan-based Asus and weighs about as much as

Japan probes website attacks amid Anonymous claims

Japan probed attacks on government websites Wednesday after hacker collective Anonymous lashed out at beefed-up laws against downloading copyrighted works, and warned of more to come. A site purporting to speak for the group said newly enacted laws that could mean jail for anyone downloading copyrighted music and movies “will result in scores of

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