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Google and Boingo offer free wi-fi in New York City this summer

Google and wireless Internet group Boingo said Monday they would offer free Wi-Fi access over the summer months in many parts of New York City, including some busy subway stations. “Big Apple visitors and New York straphangers on the go can stay productive, update their status and surf online while avoiding data overage charges

Judge dismisses Apple, Motorola patent suits against each other

CHICAGO — An American judge has dismissed lawsuits lodged by Apple and Motorola against each other for copyright infringement. “To suggest that (Apple) has suffered loss of market share, brand recognition, or customer goodwill as a result of Motorola’s alleged infringement of the patent claims still in play in this case is wild conjecture,”

Apple vendors in Iran scoff at U.S. sanctions

Vendors of Apple products in Iran on Saturday scoffed at US media reports that the consumer technology giant was banning US sales to customers of Iranian background, pointing out that iPads and iPhones are widely available in Tehran. One salesman who gave only his first name, Hossein, told AFP that he had sold 40

Scientists remember Turing, father of modern computers

Scientists will gather from Bangalore to Texas on Saturday to honour British mathematician Alan Turing, a pioneer of the modern computer whose code-cracking is credited with shortening World War II. On the June 23 centenary of his birth in London, several cities will host conferences and exhibitions to celebrate the work of a man

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