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Disney yet to confirm leaked Star Wars Episode VII storyline

Reuters article suggests Luke Skywalker returns to Yavin 4 to build Jedi academy in forthcoming sequel. But Disney is yet to confirm Star Wars fans are abuzz after a news agency report appeared to inadvertently reveal that the debut film in Disney’s forthcoming revival of the series will feature a storyline in which Luke

Andy Warhol’s iconic Mao portraits excluded from China show

Andy Warhol’s famous portraits of Mao Zedong will be excluded in a major show of his work in China, organisers said on Wednesday, although they stopped short of saying they had been censored. The exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the American artist’s death, which is currently touring Asia, features more than 300

Hong Kong cops investigate Jackie Chan’s tough Triads talk

Hong Kong police said they will investigate comments made by action star Jackie Chan that he had used guns and grenades to confront triad gang members. The Rush Hour star told the Guangzhou-based Southern People Weekly magazine that he had been “bullied” by triads, or the Chinese organised crime societies, that were once powerful

Pros dominate YouTube greatest hits in 2012

“Gangnam Style” topped YouTube’s list of the most attention-grabbing videos this year, as other professionally produced works outshined the amateur clips that had originally made the website famous. “Almost everything on the list this year was created by professional or creative talent for an online audience,” YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca told AFP shortly

Hacker jailed for leaking nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson

A US judge jailed a computer hacker for 10 years on Monday for breaking into the email accounts of stars, including Scarlett Johansson, naked pictures of whom were leaked online. A federal judge in Los Angeles also ordered 36-year-old Christopher Chaney, from Florida, to pay a total of $76,000 to Johansson, Christina Aguilera and

The Scream: Yemeni women make their voices heard in documentary

At the peak of the uprising against now ousted Yemeni strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh, Khadija al-Salami left her diplomatic post in Paris to film the mass participation by long-marginalised women in the revolt. In her documentary “The Scream,” screened at the Dubai International Film Festival, Salami — who was forced to marry aged just

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