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International Astronomical Union rebukes Mars ‘name-a-crater’ scheme

The world’s paramount astronomical authority on Tuesday slapped down a bid to hawk the names of Mars’ craters, saying the Red Planet’s monickers are not up for sale. “Such initiatives go against the spirit of free and equal access to space, as well as against internationally recognised standards,” the Paris-based International Astronomical Union (IAU)

Malaysia Airlines mystery reignites debate over use of ‘black boxes’

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has rekindled a debate over the iconic “black box” flight recorder and whether it’s time for aircraft to start live-streaming in-flight data in real time. Civil aviation industry sources agree the technology exists for commercial airliners to immediately relay via satellite vital technical information otherwise compiled by

Financial regulator warns consumers of Bitcoin hacking risks

A US financial regulator warned consumers Tuesday that using the online currency Bitcoin is fraught with risks including theft by hacking and fraud. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority issued the general warning amid a spate of scandals involving the digital currency, which has rocketed in popularity and been the focus of much speculation over

General Motors faces congressional probe over slow recall

General Motors and the US auto safety regulator faced fresh scrutiny Tuesday as Congress launched a probe into why both were slow to act on a problem with GM cars linked to 13 deaths. Lawmaker Fred Upton said the House Energy and Commerce Committee would hold hearings into the issue after GM announced the

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