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Republican presidential battle could get messy

On February 6, it all seemed so clear. Mitt Romney had won landslides in Florida and Nevada and looked set to soon lock up the Republican presidential nomination to take on Barack Obama in November. But if a week is a long time in US politics, two weeks is an age. The meteoric rise of Christian conservative Rick Santorum, a strong opponent of gay

Four dead in two US avalanches: officials

LOS ANGELES — Four people were killed in two avalanches that swept through an area near a ski resort in the northwestern US state of Washington, authorities said. US media initially reported that at least eight others were missing in the incidents, which took place Sunday near Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains northeast

Foxconn plans to increase their workers’ salaries

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company manufacturing products for prominent tech companies including Apple, is responding to major criticism for the harsh treatment of its employees by saying they will raise their salaries. According to The New York Times, Foxconn announced Saturday it would increase their workers pay from 16 to 25 percent, or about $400

Paul Ryan: Stop ‘spending all this time’ on marriage equality

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made up his mind that marriage should only between a man and a woman so he says people shouldn’t be “spending all this time” talking about the issue. Less than nine months before the 2012 presidential election, social issues like contraception and same sex marriage have

Westboro Baptists caught lying about appearance at Whitney Houston funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church did not picket singer Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday, but they did upload a fake photo to Twitter in hopes of convincing others that they did. The Westboro Baptist Church believes that God is punishing the United States because of America’s acceptance of homosexuality and has gained infamy for picketing

McCain warns against U.S. weakness in Taliban talks

WASHINGTON — Top US Senator John McCain warned the United States on Sunday against negotiating with the Taliban from a position of weakness due to the looming troop pullout in Afghanistan. The White House confirmed on Thursday that the United States was taking part in an Afghan-led reconciliation process, after President Hamid Karzai said

Syria intervention ‘very difficult’: top U.S. general

WASHINGTON — The top US military officer warned Sunday that intervention in Syria would be “very difficult” and said it would be “premature” to arm the besieged country’s opposition movement. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told CNN that Syria was the focus of competing Middle Eastern states, notably

Student attacked for writing pro-marriage equality opinion piece

Students at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts have organized a rally for a young woman who was attacked for writing an opinion piece in support of marriage equality for same sex couples, according to the Boston Herald. “There was never an ounce of equality or respect in mind when the right was taken away

Santorum: Obama ‘a Christian,’ but theology not ‘based on the Bible’

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Sunday denied that he was not questioning President Barack Obama’s faith in Christianity when he said the president’s theology was not “based on the Bible.” At a tea party rally in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, the candidate had said Obama’s agenda was “about some phony ideal, some phony

Ron Paul warns U.S. ‘slipping into a fascist system’

During a campaign speech at Kansas City’s Union Station on Saturday, Texas Rep. Ron Paul warned that the United States was “slipping into a fascist system,” according to the Associated Press. The White House hopeful said the country had been on the wrong course ever since President Woodrow Wilson, who helped establish the U.S.

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