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Teacher suspended for discussing racial epithet in class

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A white public school teacher in Chicago has filed suit against the city’s board of education after he was suspended for using a racial epithet during an in-class discussion about offensive language. Lincoln Brown, a teacher at the Murray Language Academy on Chicago’s southwest side, was suspended for five days as

Supreme Court allows Montana corporation election spending

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday handed a victory to corporations and a political advocacy group by allowing them to spend freely before Montana’s 2012 elections, a follow-up case to the court’s major campaign finance ruling two years ago. The justices granted a request from the three plaintiffs to put on

Wisconsin’s Walker denied delay on recall

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – A Wisconsin judge Friday denied Governor Scott Walker extra time to review the estimated one million signatures submitted last month to the state in an effort to recall him. Dane County Judge Richard Niess refused to give Walker’s campaign the two extra weeks it requested to examine the signatures on the

Convict dies while on hunger strike in California

OAKLAND, California (Reuters) – A 27-year-old convicted murderer has died while on a hunger strike to protest restrictions on access to health, good food, legal services and other amenities in a segregation unit at a California prison, prison officials said on Friday. Christian Alexander Gomez died on February 2, six days after he and

Attorneys try to save 9/11 detainee from death penalty

he nephew of the alleged mastermind of the September 11 attacks does not deserve the death penalty, his attorneys argue in court documents filed on Friday. Pakistani Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, 34, is accused of helping to plot the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States. He is imprisoned at the US

Obama says U.S. on track to doubling exports

US President Barack Obama said Saturday his administration was headed toward fulfilling its commitment of doubling US exports over five years and promised to reward businesses that created jobs at home with tax breaks. “Two years ago, I set a goal of doubling US exports over five years,” the president said in his weekly

New Jersey’s Chris Christie vetoes same-sex marriage

NEW YORK — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill Friday to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, after legislators had approved the measure, insisting the issue needed to be put to a referendum. Christie, a Republican, insisted the issue was so important “it should be left to the people of New Jersey

Maryland House of Delegates approves same-sex marriage

A Bill proposed by Maryland’s governor that will legalize same-sex marriage has passed in that state’s House of Delegates and will go to the Senate next week. According to the Baltimore Sun, a similar bill passed in the Senate last year but failed in the House by just a few votes. Governor Martin O’Malley,

Prominent Republicans may be getting nervous about Romney’s chances

With recent polls showing Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney either trailing or at best tied with Rick Santorum in the Michigan primary, some Republican leaders are starting to get nervous. One “prominent Republican senator” told ABC News senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl on Friday that “if Romney cannot win Michigan, we need a new

Man arrested near Capitol in FBI terrorism sting

WASHINGTON — A Moroccan man was arrested Friday as he tried to carry out an Al-Qaeda suicide bombing in the US Capitol, under the watch of the FBI which was conducting a sting, officials said. The FBI said it conducted an undercover operation as part of a longstanding terrorism probe of the suspect, who

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