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Senator Dianne Feinstein: CIA illegally searched computers in Congress over interrogation report

A senior US senator on Tuesday accused the Central Intelligence Agency of illegally searching computers of Senate staff members who were investigating a CIA interrogation program. Dianne Feinstein, the powerful chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, angrily denounced the CIA’s actions, saying it appeared to be a bid to intimidate lawmakers from holding the

KY churches withhold $7 million from children’s home to force anti-gay policies

Sunrise Children’s Services is working to recover from a massive budget shortfall after Kentucky churches withheld $7 million because the children’s home had proposed ending its policy of discrimination against LGBT employees. Bill Smithwick, the then-director of Sunrise Children’s Services, proposed last year that the home allow employees who were openly gay and lesbian

Hawaiian lawmaker wants to celebrate ‘Charles Darwin Day’

Legislation introduced to the Hawaii House of Representatives would officially celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. State Rep. Kaniela Ing (D) on Friday introduced the bill — H.R. 145 – to designate February 12 of every year as “Charles Darwin Day” in Hawaii. The resolution describes Darwin as “arguably the most

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