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Virginia GOP treasurer sorry he called Republican woman lawmaker a ‘sexist tw*t’

The treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Bob FitzSimmonds, reportedly apologized on Tuesday after referring to a woman elected official in his party as a “sexist tw*t” on Facebook. According to the right-leaning blog Mason Conservative, FitzSimmonds made the remarks after former Republican Party of Virginia communications director Shaun Kenney posted an article

Georgia progressive activist on state’s proposed anti-LGBT law: ‘Hate is bad policy’

Georgia’s version of the “Turn Away the Gays” laws that right-wing legislators are attempting to pass in multiple states would allow businesses to flout nondiscrimination laws. According to Mother Jones, hotels and restaurants could refuse to serve LGBT people, potentially returning Georgia to its segregated, Jim Crow roots. Legislators introduced the “Preservation of Religious

Georgia’s GOP governor blasted for ‘gamble’ on snowstorm preparations

Georgia’s Republican Gov. Nathan Deal is taking heat from meteorologists and critics for claiming that the snowstorm that paralyzed Atlanta and left thousands stranded overnight was “unexpected.” Activists and even NBC’s Al Roker slammed the governor for delaying action on the storm and insisting that no one could have predicted what meteorologists had been

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