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Raw Story’s top 10 most-read stories of 2013

Even after a grueling election in 2012, there has been no return to calm in 2013. From the bombing in Boston to the fight for equal rights to the ever-increasing income inequality and need for quality health care, the news has not slowed down. Raw Story’s readers have made this our biggest year yet,

Tea Party group posts video game image mocking Tea Party

A Florida Tea Party group found itself on the defensive Monday after posting a photo from a video game that was actually making fun of its political leanings. “We don’t take credit for the image,” National Liberty Federation (NLF) president Everett Wilkinson told The Raw Story in a phone interview. “We have no association

Brutal offshore Christian reform school exposed in new documentary

“Kidnapped for Christ” is a new documentary that tells the story of teenagers sent to an evangelical Christian boarding school outside the U.S. where school personnel attempt to rid them of feelings of same sex attraction or other “ungodly” influences. “They mess your mind up,” said former student Deirdre Sugiuchi to Raw Story. “Prisoners

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