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False balance may silence coverage of moderate views: study

Upholding fairness and balance as journalistic standards may actually be marginalizing moderate voices within the public debate, a study to be published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly suggests. The study, authored by Michael McCluskey of Ohio State University and Young Mie Kim of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, found that moderate political groups were

Unemployment poses economic dropout risk to older workers

Sheila Cooper said she’s just looking for a receptionist or some other administrative job. “I just want a job that I can go to every day and earn a paycheck,” she said in a video for the Over 50 and Out of Work project. Cooper said she and her husband are both facing unemployment after living

Moms booted from Michelle Rhee’s film screening during Democratic Convention

Two Democratic moms who oppose the privatization of schools say that security personnel escorted from an event at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week after organizers learned they opposed charter schools and other education “reforms.” Mecklenburg ACTS co-chairs Pam Grundy and Carol Sawyer told Raw Story that both Former D.C. Public Schools

5 Questions For: Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) on the GOP’s war on women, welfare moms and voters

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) represents Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional district, which includes Milwaukee and several of its working-class suburbs. She comes to the job from a path not normally followed by her colleagues, which included being a single mother while finishing college and — like President Obama’s mother — needing government assistance to make ends

5 Questions For: EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock about the importance of political role models

Stephanie Schriock made cemented her reputation as a campaign strategist somewhere between running Howard Dean’s 2004 president fundraising operation, getting Jon Tester elected to the Senate as a Democrat from Montana challenging a 3-term incumbent Republican, and stepping in to take over Al Franken’s then-faltering Senate bid and steering the campaign and the recall

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