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Employers fall down on promises to hire veterans

Michael Liguori is like a lot of other college graduates looking for a job. After graduating from the private nonprofit Menlo College last year, he’s been searching for a job that’s a good fit for his major in business management. But Liguori is also a 28-year-old California veteran who served tours in Iraq. Liguori seems like an

5 questions for: Anti-abortion activists who say ‘drunk’ Democrats support ‘whores killing babies’

While most protesters at the 2012 Democratic National Convention were forced to enter a lottery and have be confined to “free speech” zones, a group of anti-abortion activists have circumvented the official rules, displaying large signs and blaring messages — like “sluts are whores are killing babies”– directly outside the convention center in Charlotte.

LAPD continues controversial anti-terrorism spying program with little oversight

The Los Angeles Police Commission recently approved weighty new revisions to the LAPD’s controversial Special Order 1 policy and the agency’s intelligence guidelines amid strong public opposition, enabling police officers to continue to gather, record and share intelligence and information based solely on observed behavior. The LAPD currently implements Special Order 1, a precept central to

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