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How Live Action makes legal abortions seem scary

This week the anti-abortion group Live Action released a new video that purports to expose Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of just four abortion providers in America who will provide abortions late into the second trimester. The video, as the Washington Post reports, blames Carhart for the death of a 29-year-old Maryland woman who underwent

Money doesn’t make you magical, CEOs, it only makes you rich

In the news Monday morning, the world learned about the “terrifying brawl” on the face of Mt. Everest over the weekend between a pair of European climbers and their Nepalese guides. Apparently. the guides said that party had to stop and cut a wider path through the ice. The two climbers decided they didn’t

Never mind Bush’s war crimes, he did something nice once at Yale

Lobbyist/cannibal defender/the guy you call when you have a child sex abuse scandal Lanny Davis has a handy three-point plan for coming to terms with the presidency of George W. Bush, you know, if you’re a “liberal Democrat” like he is. Step 1. Bush didn’t lie. He was just mistaken. Step 2. “No Child

Steubenville and sports culture: a fan’s lament

I grew up in Ohio, in a small town much like Steubenville (though my hometown’s small townishness was slightly lessened by its proximity to Columbus, the state capital). Much like Steubenville, football was king of a vast sports empire to which we all seemingly belonged, a locus of community and congeniality that revolved around

3 things liberals should learn from CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference can be pretty easy pickings for liberal-leaning writers, from checking out who’s on the gay hook-up app Grindr to hitting up the panel discussions that sound most likely to go off the rails to chronicling the latest in Sarah Palin’s world. But amid the carnival atmosphere and moments of

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