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What the wage gap really means to people

It means, as this great Bloomberg article by Leslie Patton notes, that a 20-year McDonald’s veteran makes $8.25 an hour and can’t put together 40 hours a week even working at two different McDonald’s restaurants, while the CEO of McDonald’s made $8.75 million last year. It means the CEO of Dineequity, which owns Applebees

The new Washington consensus: Everybody wants to punch Republicans

During the election season, many a liberal undoubtedly had the uncharitable urge to punch a Republican, whether it was a relative posting on Facebook about the need to defeat the radical Commie Obama, or any one of a number of conservative male lawmakers who let fly with some choice thoughts on rape victims. Well,

An open letter to Republicans: It’s time to confront your rape problem

Today is a day for licking your wounds, working out your rage and drying your tears, I get that. But, look, after almost two solid years of pushing everything from “forcible rape” language to having candidates talk about women’s vaginas as though they are sentient entities capable of distinguishing between “legitimate” rape and the


Tomorrow, November 6th, 2012, is Election Day. And as many, many people have noted, your right to vote is something people died for, protested for, were beaten and tortured for and, in some cases, immigrated here to get. If you need more information on where to vote and who and what will be on

What do Republicans have against rape victims?

Sexual assault is a horrible crime committed far too often in the United States and successfully prosecuted even more rarely. It takes a huge physical toll on its survivors — and not everyone survives — as they are forced to contend with physical injuries related to the violence used and the sexual assault itself

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