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Nearly two tons of hash washes up on Spanish beach

Spanish authorities seized 62 bales containing close to two tons of hashish that washed ashore on Monday on a beach in one of Spain’s exclaves in North Africa, police said. Officers on a routine patrol spotted several bales at the Calamocarro beach just outside Ceuta, which lies across the Strait of Gibraltar from mainland

Cuban revolutionary heroine Melba Hernandez dies at 92 years of age

Cuban revolutionary heroine Melba Hernandez, one of only two women to accompany Fidel Castro in a 1953 assault widely seen as the start of the country’s communist revolution, has died, official media reported Monday. She was 92. Hernandez died late Sunday in Havana “following complications from diabetes from which she suffered for many years,”

Spain agrees to host larger Marine Corps ‘crisis’ team

Spain has approved plans to host an expanded US Marine Corps force that is designed to respond to crises in Africa and rescue American diplomats in emergencies, officers said Monday. The “crisis response” task force was created in the aftermath of the 2012 deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in the Libyan city

Runoff presidential election in El Salvador ends in a near-tie

El Salvador’s presidential runoff was hung up Monday in a near tie between an ex-guerrilla leader and an arch conservative mayor as tension mounted over who would be proclaimed the winner. Preliminary results showed Salvador Sanchez Ceren, the former rebel commander, edging out conservative candidate Norman Quijano by 6,634 votes, 50.11 percent to 49.89.

NATO to deploy recon flights over Eastern Europe as Ukraine crisis deepens

NATO said Monday it will deploy AWACS reconnaissance aircraft to overfly Poland and Romania as part of alliance efforts to monitor the crisis in Ukraine. The flights “will enhance the Alliance’s situational awareness,” a NATO official said, adding: “All AWACS reconnaissance flights will take place solely over Alliance territory.” “This decision is an appropriate

FBI agents are in Kiev helping probe ‘kleptocracy’ in Ukraine

US officials including FBI agents are in Kiev helping a Ukrainian-led investigation into corruption under ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, the US ambassador to Kiev said on Monday. “We are doing what we can to unpack the enormous kleptocracy which surrounded the Yanukovych government,” Geoffrey Pyatt said at a press conference in Kiev. “We have

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