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The Mainstream Hydra

If you want to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016 (and I know you do), then here are some handy tips for rocketing to the top of the polls for two

Breitbartocalypse, Part 826

Andrew Breitbart predicts the “end days” of the mainstream media. I would just like to quote from 2 Klein 14:1-8: 1And did a voice from a Tea Party rally come: 2“I will take down

Who’s obtuse and out of touch?

To continue the theme of talking about “Friday Night Lights”, I have to link this review of the abortion episode from the New York Times, because it had such a beautiful distillation of what’s

Nothing new about tea partiers

One of the most evocative examples of how media bias towards novelty works in politics has to be the way that mainstream media is covering the teabagger movement. Any fool could see from the

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