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Ideas vs. identity

Hemant at the Friendly Atheist posted this video someone made educating people on both the oppression that atheists often face and how we're not monsters that easily-threatened religious people make us out to be: This

How worried should we be?

Teabagger pic from Matt. Nate Silver has a good post up talking about the extreme exaggeration about the teabigot crowd size from the right, an exaggeration that puts all disputes over the size of

Every Time I Come Around Your City

This is just like our Negro Prince President, picking up shiny chains from foreign hip-hop moguls or whatever. President Obama was awarded Saudi Arabia’s highest honor yesterday — an elaborate gold necklace and medallion

Unicorn Nuts…On Your Face

It strikes me that Michelle Malkin’s problem isn’t that DHS is accurately describing rightwing extremist tactics, but that she’s obviously worried that those things apply to her. (Here’s the actual report.) This gets to

My Conservative Is Dumb

Did you know our new president-elect is black? Black people do. There are two potential reasons for this. The first reason is that after centuries of oppression, stunted attempts at freedom, setbacks in the

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