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Romney: I ‘lived in the real streets’

Multimillionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday claimed he was a regular person who “lived in the real streets of America.” During a CNN-sponsored debate in South Carolina, the former Massachusetts governor said

Panetta: U.S. prepared for Hormuz Strait action

The United States is “fully prepared” for any confrontation with Iran over the strategic Strait of Hormuz, but hopes a dispute would be resolved peacefully, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday. “We obviously always continue to make preparations to

WATCH LIVE: Obama honors MLK legacy

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at a community service project in Washington, D.C. honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Watch live video from CNN, broadcast Jan. 16, 2012.   Steal this story

Perry pushes for part-time Congress in new ad

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s latest campaign advertisement in Iowa calls for a part-time Congress and knocks four fellow GOP presidential hopefuls who’ve served there. “If Washington’s the problem, why trust a congressman to fix

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