Family of Black man killed during traffic stop say police body cam footage creates more questions than it answers

After a Miami police officer fatally shot 34-year-old Antwon Leonard Cooper during a routine traffic stop two months ago, Miami Police Chief Manny Morales explained that "the officers became aware that one of the individuals was armed, a struggle ensued, and one of the officers discharged his firearm."

Earlier this month, police released body cam footage of the incident, but Cooper's family and the attorneys who represent them say the footage creates more questions than it answers, the Miami New Times reports.

"He never pulled a weapon — and when I say 'a weapon,' I mean any type of weapon. Police keep saying 'gun' because it's a red-herring distraction to detract from the fact that this officer shot and killed an unarmed man," attorney Rawsi Williams contended. [The MPD] has changed their story multiple times regarding their sergeant's execution-style shooting of unarmed Mr. Cooper in the head like a dog in the streets."

The family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit, arguing that Cooper posed no threat at the time he was shot.

"His entire life lived and future life awaiting has been snuffed out by Miami PD," states the April 4 letter from attorneys Rawsi Williams and Frank T. Allen. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, he is gone."

Watch a news report on the story below:

Video shows when officer shot 34-year-old man in the head