Channel 4 News Correspondent Sarah Smith takes a look at the Giuliani record in New York City. The report is critical of Giuliani's record on crime but saves the sharpest jabs for his performance surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Smith writes:

"At Ground Zero today they are still digging the foundations for the new freedom tower. Before 9-11 the one thing Giuliani had done was to build himself, right next to this site, an emergency command centre"

"Giuliani spent $60m on the command centre in the World Trade Centre. He installed a humidor for his cigars, monogrammed towels in bathroom, even had private elevator which was handy when he brought his mistress here at the weekends. But he also installed a 600 gallon fuel tank which meant that when burning debris hit the building it went up like a blowtorch"

"So Giuliani found himself wandering the streets because he had ignored advice to put his command centre safely underground in Brooklyn. Insisting instead it had to be near City hall."

The following video is from, broadcast on November 17, 2007.