Iran is once again considering banning the importation of Barbie dolls, after the Iranian Prosecutor General warned that "the irregular importation of such toys, which unfortunately arrive through unofficial sources and smuggling, is destructive culturally and a social danger,"

An earlier short-lived anti-Barbie campaign in 2002 led to the Iranian government's promotion of a pair of twin dolls, based on a series of stories in children's school books, who are modestly dressed and uphold traditional Islamic values.

The hosts of Fox and Friends found this story amusing. "So they're actually doing, like, their own anti-Barbie doll," commented Alisyn Camerota, who herself bears an amazing resemblance to the Barbie dolls she was displaying.

"'It can destroy the Islamic republic!'" exclaimed Brian Kilmeade, quoting from the Prosecutor General's warning. "Here we are," he continued, "trying to find their nuclear power plants. We could drop dolls on their nation and bring them to their knees."

"Remember that one story about the woman at Starbucks?" added Camerota. "She was just having a meeting with another guy and she got arrested because that guy was not her husband." (The incident to which Camerota referred actually took place in Saudi Arabia, whose laws are very different from those of Iran.)

"I'm not surprised that they're going to ban Barbie," Camerota concluded.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast April 29, 2008.

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