The Obama campaign is reporting voting machines are breaking down in some African-American precincts of Philadelphia. There are as few as one or two machines working in some precincts.

This video is from MSNBC's News Live, broadcast April 22, 2008.

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:: speaking of pennsylvania, we reported before our conversation with ann curry there's been a report from the obama campaign that they're hearing of voting machine problems in philadelphia. on the phone, we have fred voigt, deputy commissioner of the city of philadelphia. what's going on with these alleged voting problems with machines? fred, are you there? okay, we've lost him. our producers are telling me we've lost fred voight but we are trying to get you more information on this. again, the obama campaign is saying they are hearing of problems with voting machines in philadelphia, that machines are breaking down and only one or two machines working in some african-american precincts. we're waiting to get more details on this and hopefully we'll be able to get fred voight or something from the city of philadelphia for you.

:: now let's go back to that story about some voting machine problems out of philadelphia. we now have the phone lines working. i understand fred voight, deputy commission ner the city of philadelphia is on the phone. what are you hearing about these potential voting machine problems in philadelphia?

:: we had a few problems early on. we always do. you know, these machines are operated by people who don't necessarily know what they're doing. you know, election boards sometimes make mistakes early in the morning.

:: what kind of problems are you talking about?

:: most of them have been corrected.

:: give me some specifics here. what kind of problems are we talking about here?

:: the machine doesn't work. well, did you press the right button to make it work? and oftentimes the answer is no. they set it as if it were a november election. and not a primary, which is what we have. so those are the kinds of things that occur.

:: now, we're hearing in this report that some people are saying that the machines are breaking down and that one or two machines only are working in some african-american precincts.

:: that's just not true.

:: what is true?

:: flat-out not true.

:: that's flat-out not true.

:: everything is working throughout the city as we speak.

:: okay, fred. then, again, this is something we're getting in here.

:: i know what you're -- i don't know where you're getting what from.

:: okay. i'll tell you. hang on for a second. this is what the obama campaign is saying, that they're hearing --

:: i was just up in court with the obama campaign.

:: okay.

:: that was not the complaint that was registering up there.

:: okay.

:: so i don't know where -- you know, campaigns are like four steps removed from where things are actually happening.

:: okay. so, tell me this, fred. i know you said you just heard and met up there. specifically, though, as far as you're concerned, no voters are complaining with actual fact about some voter machine problems in philadelphia?

:: no, there were problems. i'm saying that there were problems. there always are problems.

:: right.

:: when the polls open in the morning. most of those problems are then corrected.

:: okay. all right, fred. i'll agree with you. i lived in chicago for ten years and we know all around this country there are problems that come in. people are confused. we've just trying to get the right information. we know the importance of this election and the sensitivity on both sides of these campaigns. thank you, fred, for your time and clearing up what's happening out there. we'll keep our audience posted. we will be right back with more news.