NBC's Chuck Todd talked with Mike Barnicle and Mika Brzezinski about Hillary Clinton's political future. Todd believes that Hillary and Bill Clinton will need to reach out to Obama supporters.

Todd said, "I think folks went over the top about -- and clearly that wasn't, you know, she wasn't referring to assassination. But she is not making any friends with Obama nation. And the fact is if she ever wants to be President, she is going to have to make friends with Obama nation."

Todd later continued, "I do find when you talk to partisans on both sides, Clinton people are not angry at Obama. They are angry at other factors. At the media. They are angry at the DNC. At some people that ran her campaign. Obama voters are angry at the Clintons.

"The political problem that I think Senator Clinton is facing when it comes to her future. She has it figure out how to reach out to this Obama nation. Because these folks, whether rational or not, have absolutely come to be very, I don't want to say hate, that's a strong word, but to loathe lots of folks on the Clinton side, including Senator Clinton and President Clinton. And she needs to figure out how to win these folks back over," said Todd.

This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast May 27, 2008.

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