CNN's Larry King talked with a panel of surrogates for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Clinton surrogate, Carole Simpson said she feared that White Americans would not vote for Barack Obama in the general election.

Here is a partial transcript from CNN:

KING: OK, Carole Simpson, your turn.

SIMPSON: Thank you.

I was going to make a comment about the white voters statement that is attributed to Hillary, but I decided I have a better point to make and I want to make it right now. And that is facts are facts, as Lanny talked about with the tracking polls and Hillary's comparison to McCain's numbers, if they were running against each other in a general election.

Do you know what my big fear is, is that Barack Obama is going to win the nomination and during the general election all of those white people that came out to vote for him in the primaries are going to get in that booth and are not going to vote for him, just like Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, when he was running for the governor of California. All the polls said that he was going to win and he lost by a large margin because people...

KING: Yes. What are you saying that America will not elect...

SIMPSON: ...said what was politically correct.

KING: You're saying America will not elect a black man?

Is that what you're saying?

SIMPSON: I am fearful of that. I am fearful that "God damn America" is going to pop into their heads as soon as they get into the polling booth.

This video is from CNN's Larry King Live, broadcast May 9, 2008.

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