NBC's Meredith Vieira talked with Geraldine Ferraro and Rachel Maddow about the issue of sexism in the Democratic Presidential primary campaigns. Ferraro said that she believe that if Hillary Clinton loses the nomination it will be due to sexism. Ferraro also said that she would consider not voting for Barack Obama in the general election if he were to become the Democratic Party's nominee.

Partial Transcript

VIEIRA: Hillary Clinton's dream of becoming the first female President is looking less and less likely, at least this time around. Was her campaign hurt by the fact that she is a woman? Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale's running mate in 1984, the first woman on a Presidential ticket. Rachel Maddow host her own show on the liberal Air America radio network.

VIERA: If we ever had any questions that gender has played an issue in this campaign, just turn to page A9 of "The New York Times." Just look at this ad by a pack called Women Count. It says, "Not so fast. Hillary's voice is our voice and she is speaking for all of us." And they urge her to stay in this race. "We want her to stay until every vote is cast, every vote is counted and we know that our voices are heard." Geraldine, you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

FERRARO: Absolutely.

VIEIRA: She says she is fighting to tear down the highest and hardest glass ceiling in politics. If she fails -- the numbers right now are against her -- can she blame that loss at all on gender?

FERRARO: She might, but I certainly will and other people involved in this -- just watching the campaign -- will.


FERRARO: It's also white voters, the middle class, people in the hardworking blue collar workers looking at this as well.

This video is from NBC's The Today Show, broadcast May 20, 2008.

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