On May 5th, RAW STORY reported that Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy used his son to attack Barack Obama. That night, Keith Olbermann made Doocy's son worst person in the world. This morning Steve Doocy became angry, attacking Olbermann for making his son worst person.

Fox began the report saying that the White House sent a letter to NBC complaining about the way that the interview between Richard Engel and George Bush was edited. RAW STORY reported on Richard Engel's interview with President Bush yesterday. That letter from the White House was Fox's opening to attack MSNBC and NBC this morning and that lead to Doocy's attack on Keith Olbermann.

On May 5th, Keith Olbermann had named Steve Doocy's son, Peter Doocy, worst person for his attack on Obama.

This morning, Steve Doocy showed his anger at Olbermann, saying, "Keith Olbermann made my son because of questions he asked, not because of anything he said, Keith Olbermann made my son the world's worst person. how can you make a kid the world's worst person? Peter doesn't have a forum. He's just a kid in college, and he is asleep right now as I talk about him. But here's the thing. Where does a kid like him go? He has no forum. Where does he go to get his reputation back. Next time you see Keith Olbermann on TV, just remember that's a guy who picks on people's children. He completely sandbagged my son, took his comment out of context, and mangled them around the way he does every night, and i am mad at Keith Olbermann."

RAW STORY has more details here.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast May 20, 2008.

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