A Fox News host is now inviting his son on his show to attack Democratic presidential candidates. Peter Doocy received praise from his father, Steve Doocy, host of Fox & Friends when his son asked push-poll style questions aimed at Barack Obama.

“Morning to you, Pops!” said Peter Doocy, after his father introduced his son to his television audience to replay a series of push-poll questions Peter asked a group of students he had gathered at Villanova University campus in Radnor, Pennsylvania for a ‘youth view’ of the Democratic presidential race.

The 20-year-old Peter Doocy started out the session by asking benign questions; how many students had registered – most of them – and how many actually voted in the recent primary – only a few hands went up; how many would vote the same way their parents did or how many wouldn’t; and then got down to the real red meat of attacking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama:

“His slog is change we can believe in. This is a guy who could not change churches when his preacher was saying the United States deserved 9/11 and the US government created AIDS. So, what makes you think that he is going to bring about this kind of change?”

“He still said a bunch of crazy stuff. Here Obama said that his preacher, he stood by him and knew him for a long time, once his polls started to slide he distanced himself completely in a speech this week. Who thinks he only distanced himself once his polls started to slide, purely political or does he actually disagree with what the guy is saying?”

One student partially agreed with Peter, the “Nova Nation” amateur host, but when he started to explain that Rev. Wright’s explanation on Bill Moyer’s show on the ‘God damn, America” quote that seemed to be disagreeing, Peter cut him off and continued the push- polling question line until another student agreed that Obama actually believes his pastor.

The segment continued with questions about Hillary Clinton and the age of John McCain but neither candidates were subjected to the push-polling questions Obama received at the hands of Fox & Friends’ host’s son at the Roman Catholic private university in the Keystone state.

This isn’t the first time Peter Doocy has made news. In April, during a Hardball College Tour hosted by Chris Matthews, Peter asked Senator McCain about doing shots of whiskey and asked the senior senator and presumptive Republican presidential nominee if he’d share a “shot” with him and was rewarded not by a shot but the screeching laughter of Matthews and McCain.

Matthews called Peter, “a smartass” and McCain later told Peter’s father on his program, “That was the toughest question yet. That kid is under surveillance.”

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast May 5, 2008.Download video