Last week, a noisy protest by gay activists shut down a speech at Smith College in Northampton, MA by Ryan Sorba, author of "The Born Gay Hoax."

Sorba, who was invited to speak by the Smith Republican Club, claims that everyone is born straight and that any theories to the contrary are simply part of a gay political agenda. His book has been heavily promoted by conservative groups, which have also seized on the Smith protest as a violation of Sorba's free speech.

According to ABC News, "some say [that] militant gay activists have hijacked public debate on homosexuality" by excluding theories like Sorba's.

ABC spoke to "David," who explained that his homosexuality conflicted with his faith and as a result he is now undergoing "reparative therapy" and "working on becoming more heterosexual."

However, Scott Melendez offered a different perspective, telling ABC, "No matter how much I prayed, no matter how much I believed that God would deliver me or make me straight, it never happened. ... I finally just realized that God loved me exactly the way I am and that he didn't make a mistake."

According to Dr. James Scully of the American Psychiatric Association,"There's no credible scientific evidence that one can change your sexual orientation."

The mainstream scientific community warns that attempting to change can leave people confused and depressed. Wayne Besen of told ABC angrily, "It destroys people, it shatters family, it ruins lives, and it's being promoted by right-wing political groups,"

But ABC concludes that with "many struggling between feelings and faith," the hope that it is possible to make a voluntary choice will continue to have appeal.

More on the ABC story is available here.

This video is from, broadcast May 6, 2008.

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