On CBS Meet the Press, Republican strategist Ed Rollins said that the President made a mistake by comparing Barack Obama's foreign policy the appeasement of Hitler.




Partial Transcript

ROLLINS: This president has to realize he is no longer on the ballot. He has to finish his seven months in office, and move on. They have been in a seven-eight-year non-stop campaign mode, but it's no longer their came game and the quicker the page is turned by many Americans, including a lot of Republicans, the better from the Bush Administration, the better people will feel.

I think that it was inappropriate. I think it gave obama an issue that he didn't have. I think it certainly stepped on the Hillary victories this week. Which from our perspective, the longer the battle goes on, the better.

I think the president basically ought to do his job, let McCain do his job which is to basically talk in terms of what a future administration is going to be like and congressional candidates have to get away from washington.

If they promise to be different, then they have to be different. We promised we were going to be different party and we were going to be a fiscal party. We haven't been a fiscal party. We have spent record numbers in deficits. We promised we would be a moral party to the values voters. We are the ones who have had the scandals. I think to a certain extent, you have to live up to your promises.

This video is from CBS's Face the Nation, broadcast May 18, 2008.

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