MSNBC's Pat Buchanan asked Sen. Joe Lieberman if he expected President Bush to launch airstrike on Iran.

Partial Transcript

BUCHANAN: Now, Do you believe that the United States should conduct air strikes on the Iranian quds force in Iran if they do not stop this and do you expect president Bush to do something like that because almost everyone in the administration at a high level, including gates, are saying this hasn't stopped, it's going on.

LIEBERMAN: Pat, I hope we don't have to get to the point of moving in any way into Iran to strike at the base of the people who are responsible for killing Americans. But I hope that the Quds force and the Iranian government has in mind that that is a distinct possibility because let's be direct about this -- and that's why I asked General Petraeus the question -- the Iranians have been equipping to go back and are responsible for the killing of hundreds of American soldiers. This is an outrageous act of the kind of proxy war against us. These people have American blood on their hands and plenty of Iraqi blood as well. I want them to understand that if they don't stop this, they run the risk having us strike their, the lines that they are using, the bases, the depots that they have. Pat, you just can't sit back.

This video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe, broadcast May 12, 2008.

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