Fox's Karl Rove, Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson talked with Terry McAuliffe about Hillary Clinton's campaign. Terry McAuliffe and Karl Rove that Hillary Clinton is the stronger candidate against John McCain at this time.

Partial transcript via closed captions

DOOCY: terry, explain why you like karl's electorial math.

MCAULIFFE: it's not that i like it. they didn't win 2000, they got it, but 2004, they clearly won that election, you've got to give credit to people when they win elections, they look at the numbers, and if you look at the maps that karl had sent out to a few people, it looks like hillary clinton has a better shot of beating john mccain than senator obama. he's just looking at the number and doing the analysis. karl is saying what i've said. we do agree that hillary clinton would be the toughest competitor to john mccain. she puts states in play like florida, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, arkansas, i mean some states -- we were in kentucky last night, and we won west virginia by 41 points. she can be competitive in those states.

ROVE: that's not exactly what i was saying that she'd be the tougher in the fall, i'm simply saying as of today she puts some states into play today that senator obama doesn't. now there's a long time, as you know, between may and november. there's several geological age there is that come and go before then, but looking at it today, she does run better in states like west virginia, florida, ohio than he does, and senator obama runs better in states like colorado, new mexico, and iowa than she does.

MCAULIFFE: if you add the numbers up, the electoral college, today, where is it on hillary versus john mccain and senator barack obama versus hillary clinton?

ROVE: very good, terry. today senator clinton leads him in the electoral college, and senator mccain leads obama, although he's not over 270. and incidentally, terry, in 2000, we won the presidential election. i'm sorry that you disagree were the constitution of the united states.

MCAULIFFE: you and i have always disagreed.

CARLSON: the headline here for me is that terry mcauliffe was agreeing with karl rove's math.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast May 21, 2008.

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