NBC's Meredith Vieira sat down with Scott McClellan for his first interview since writing his book that blasted the White House over dishonesty in handling of the Iraq war and the CIA leak case.

Responding to criticism from Dan Bartlett and other White House defenders, McClellan said, "I'm disappointed things didn't turn out the way we hoped they would. Dan and others, I think, could benefit the American people if they could come to grips with the fact that things went terribly off course. I don't think they're addressing issues. I don't think they're familiar with public affairs, the publisher I work with, that's not the way they operate. I don't think they're familiar with why I wrote this book."

"I have a higher loyalty than my loyalty necessarily to my past work. That's a loyalty to the truth and it's a loyalty to the values I was raised on. I talk about my upbringing in a political family that talked about the nobility of public service and the importance of speaking up and talking about making a positive difference. I hope that this book will help do that."

This video is from NBC's Today Show, broadcast May 29, 2008.

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