Michael Moore sees a "very decent individual" in Senator Barack Obama.

"I think that the whole movement behind Obama is very impressive, and I think it's a good thing for the country," says Michael Moore in his Wednesday interview with CNN's Larry King.

"If I had gotten up," Moore, a lifelong Catholic, says of the ongoing media coverage of incendiary remarks made by the Senator's former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, "every time I heard a priest from the pulpit, in my travels around the country, say things...as I've heard them say, that birth control is a sin, that women should not be priests, that women have a different role in the church...I would have been walking out so much--it would have been aerobic activity for me. I wouldn't look like this."

"If you really listen to a lot of what Reverend Wright says," Moore continued, "and if you watch the entire sermons...it was presented as something very different on the news than what actually, I think, existed."

"John McCain is four more years of George W. Bush," Moore stresses. "That's what we should be talking about, and not what an elderly black man is saying because he's upset at how he's been treated."

Moore has called words and actions of opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton "downright disgusting," citing her use of Rev. Wright's speech to her advantage, and a perceived climate of race-baiting. Moore, a strong supporter of Sen. Clinton "when it was very popular to go after her," is disappointed by her actions in her presidential campaign, having stood by her; he was "sick and tired of people attacking her for who she was."

"The huge disappointment," Moore says, "was when she was presented with the opportunity for a moment--a 'profile of courage' moment--in October of 2002, to not give Bush the authorization to go to war, she voted for war, and she continued to vote for war for the years after that."

Moore disapproves of health care plans proposed by both Clinton and Obama, because the plans both keep private insurance companies in control. "You have to remove the private, profit-making health insurance companies," Moore says, "because as long as they have to make a profit, that means they can't take care of everybody in the same way, or they won't make the money they need to make.

"You have to remove profit as a motive...We wouldn't have a police department that had to show a profit every year, or a fire deparment that had to show a profit every year. We shouldn't do that with our health care system either, and no other Western country does that."

"You think health is a right?" King asks.

"Absolutely," Moore responds. "It's a human right, and it is everywhere else, except, unfortunately, here."

The entire 20-minute interview, available to view below, was broadcast on CNN's Larry King Live on April 30, 2008.

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