The local NBC affiliate in Raleigh, NC reports that supporters of the Clinton's have been linked to illegal robo-calls targeting African-Americans.

"Officials say the calls spread misleading voter information and they confused people into thinking they were from an official state agency. The calls prompted an investigation by the State Attorney General."

"The attorney general says those automated phone calls are illegal. "

"They don't identify the group sponsoring the call and second, it gives the recipient no contact information as to who to contact to stop the calls from coming. "

"The calls originated from a group calling itself women's voices, women's vote. today Roy Cooper sent the office this letter ordering them to stop the call. "

"We heard at lof of complaints were coming from African-American voters and that raised a red flag for us."

"The Institute's research indicates this Woman's Voice group has a number of interesting connections to Bill Clinton."

"They claim they are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, but what's interesting is the president is a very recent donor to 'HillPAC', one of the biggest funds for Hillary Clinton. The executive director worked for Bill Clinton in his 1992 campaign. The lawyer for the organization is the lawyer who defended the Clintons during the impeachment crisis during the 1990s."

"Local representatives of the Hillary Clinton campaign in Raleigh says the campaign has no connection to the organization conducting these robo calls and has never accepted any funds from the organization. On the webpage t Women's Voices organization apologized for the calls saying it was just trying to help register voters, but the local Obama organization in Raleigh says, well, they have issued an apology and we take them at their word."

This video is from NBC 17 Raleigh, broadcast April 30, 2008.

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