It's what you all have been waiting for...this year's "research" on the International Mr. Leather event by Peter LaBarbera. Long-time readers of the blog know that The Peter has become an expert in this sexual subculture, because every year he returns to the same event to gather even more information for his "Christian" readership -- shocking information that has to be documented with photographs and breathless reporting.

He didn't even manage to put up a photo from this year's event in this post. Behold...

LISTEN ONLINE: Hyatt Regency Chicago Hosts ‘International Mr. Leather’ Perversion

WARNING: Interview contains highly graphic content describing twisted behaviors; NOT for children


Sadistic homosexual men attending an “International Mr. Leather” convention took over the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Patrick Donnelly, Gen. Man.: 312-565-1234) in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Click HERE to listen to the CWA online interview with Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH. LaBarbera reports that the most vile pornography videos imaginable, including bestiality porn, were on sale in abundance in a large conference room at the Hyatt Regency. Above is a (blocked out) photo from last year’s IML (held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago) of the “Water Boys,” a group that advocates orgies involving men urinating on and in one another. At this year’s IML, the “Water Boys” advertised the “Biggest Piss Party on the Planet” in Palm Springs, CA July 11-13. Hard-core sodomitic pornographic videos depicting this and other depraved acts showed on screens throughout the Hyatt Regency ballroom hosting the IML venders’ market.

CWA’s Matt Barber asks in the online interview: assuming that the men engaging in the above type of “pig sex” (as they call it) indulged in their twisted perversions in their hotel guest rooms, how does the Grand Hyatt staff clean up and disinfect the rooms afterwards? Would YOU want to stay in the same room where men engaged in satanic, depraved sodomitic orgies involving feces and urine?

He says to stay tuned for more "posts and photos of this evil homosexual event." Yes, friends, a new term - satanic, depraved sodomitic orgies. Note that he makes this out to be a strictly gay event, even though the leather scene is clearly popular among many straight people. But that's inconvenient as The Peter's goal is to equate same-sex consensual relationships with outre sex practices. This is getting tired from a research perspective, but it provides excellent blog and commenting opportunities for us, doesn't it?

Wayne Besen sums it up:

What kind of loser keeps coming back each year to do the same lame-ass "undercover" report? Pete, the "shock value" ended in 1992 - move on. Talk about a one trick pony.

No wonder why he has slipped into right wing irrelevance. Even those who agree with him are tired of his bizarre act. Porno Pete - it is time you be true to yourself and admit your proclivities. Anyone who keeps showing up or writing about such places clearly must desire entering that arena.

Porno Pete, we do want to thank you for the belly laughs your ongoing buffoonery has provided us. For the sake of our selfish amusement, we hope you'll always be a nosy busybody who will keep us entertained.