From WDEF News 12:

"A South Carolina high school principal plans to step down over a gay student group."

"In a letter, the Irmo High School principal says the group conflicts with his professional beliefs. Stewart Moore spoke with one parent who said she agrees with the principal's decision. 'We are not putting them like your lepers but we got to stand for what the foundation of our nation was about.' "

"In the letter written by principal Walker to the Irmo community he says the formation of the Gay Straight Alliance conflicts with his professional belief and religious convictions. One religious group compares his protest to segregation in schools. Quote. 'It is a shame that the principal at Irmo high school in south carolina decided to place religion-based bigotry and discrimination over his former commitment to his students and staff,' Ashlei Tate, who graduated from a high school in florida with a Gay Straight Alliance club, agrees."

This video is from WDEF News 12, broadcast May 21, 2008.

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