Ladies of ABC's The View discussed Barack Obama  and John McCain.  Whoopie opened up the discussion by asking if Hillary Clinton was waiting for Obama to 'pop the question' and ask her to be his Vice Presidential running mate before she official ends her bid for the Democratic nominee.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck -- as Joy Behar points out is a Republican -- said she believes the primary battle is working well for the Democrats, and that  the media is so preoccupied with the Democrats that they have completely forgotten there is a Republican(McCain)  out there.

The  ladies wondered if Hillary supporters would skip voting in the general election if she was denied the Democratic nomination, and Joy Behar said that 'when the white women who love Hillary so much' realize that John McCain is going to load up the Supreme Court with justices who are going to take away their reproductive and civil rights, and roll back all the liberal policies that women have worked towards for 60 years  they will get out and vote for Obama for president.

The discussion turned to Congress after a rather heated debate that began when Hasselbeck declared Obama as 'the most liberal' candidate out there.  Whoopi Goldberg said that the Democratic Congress does not "have the full power" to accomplish their goals. Whoopi said, "You know what? They haven't gotten anything done... just like every politician has done for the last 5000 years. Yes, we're going to do this and then they get their and can't do shit."

This video is from ABC's The View, broadcast May 8, 2008.

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