Joe Biden told Brian Williams that he was not interested in being Barack Obama's Vice President but said he would say yes to the offer if asked.

Partial transcript

WILLIAMS: You're in the the news yourself this past week. You interested in the vice presidency?

BIDEN: I'm not interested.

WILLIAMS: You're not.

BIDEN: I'm not interested in it.

WILLIAMS: "Meet the press," April 29, 2007, Tim Russert asks Joe Biden, you interested in being vice president? No, I will not be Vice President under any circumstances. But in a different answer you answered you would have to say Yes. I don't know --

BIDEN: Look. When I was asked that question I thought I was still going to be president. I'm not interested in being vice president. I let the candidate know. If the candidate asked me to be vice president is the answer I got to say yes but he's not going to ask me. You cannot walk away when your party -- if the party nominee asks you --

WILLIAMS: Is that a rule out or rule in?

BIDEN: It's i'm not interested. I answer your question honestly. Unlike most other people I'm being straight with you. If asked i will do it. I made it clear I do not want to be asked.

WILLIAMS: Do not want to be asked but if asked the answer, "of course."

BIDEN: Of course. Because if the presidential nominee thought I could help him win I'm going to say to the first African-American candidate about to make history in the world that no, I will not help you out? Like you want me to? Of course, I'll say yes.

This video is from NBC's Meet the Press, broadcast June 22, 2008.

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