Fox's Carl Cameron talked with Brit Hume about why John McCain's speech appeared to be so bad.

Partial transcript

CARL CAMERON: John McCain has not been doing prime time speeches for the better part of two months. He's been running solo and hasn't had the national audience or taken the opportunity to reach it with any kind of speeches, so folks are going to be naturally comparing his style to Barack Obama, and he's just not as glitzy. He's working with a teleprompter, and often stumbles with it. Occasionally, you'll sometimes see an awkward smile as he tries to connect with the audience but it sometimes feels a little bit off. He recognizes that, the campaign recognizes it, folks in the audience recognize it, and yet this is John McCain. He has always been this way. He's not a particularly strong speaker. He believes that he communicate the core convictions.

This video is from Fox News, broadcast June 3, 2008.

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