Howard Kurtz talked with Keli Goff about coverage of affairs by CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan. Goff believes that a male war reporter would not have gotten the same media coverage.

Goff said, "I've been very vocal in saying that I believe the whole accusation that media sexism cost Hillary Clinton the presidential nomination has been way overblown. That being said, i'm also the first person to admit that when it comes to the coverage of high-profile women it's just different. Whether it's discussing their wardrobe choices, whether it's discussion their personal lives. I think what's interesting is that there's been excessive coverage of Katie Couric's personal life and who she is -- or is not -- dating and I'm completely there with you that I have a hard time believing that after a male correspondent is risking is life every day in the war zone was given a huge promotion -- that the lead on the story would be who he is or is not dating. I think there definitely is a bit of a double standard."

This video is from CNN's Reliable Sources, broadcast June 29, 2008.

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